Dear Gazi University Academics and Students

Gazi University Technology Transfer Office Inc. “G3 (Gazi Young Entrepreneurs Business Idea Competition) ” sponsored by Halkbank, Second call of the competition has been opened. The main purpose of the competition is to encourage entrepreneur candidates with a technological and innovative business idea to implement their business ideas alone or with their teams.

Gazi University students or academicians can apply to the competition.

Each project team will have a leader. Applications can be made individually or as a team. The official process related to the project will be followed by the leader and will be accepted as authorized. A team or person will not be able to participate in the competition with more than one project idea.

With this competition, the most suitable ones among the innovative business ideas for which applications are received will be selected and awards will be given.

The grand prize of the competition is 15,000 ₺, the second prize is 10,000 ₺, and the third prize is 5,000 ₺. In addition, the finalist teams will have many opportunities such as support, intellectual property and coaching support for benefiting from R&D supports at Gazi University Technology Transfer Office A.Ş.

While the competition process continues, you will also have the opportunity to benefit from certified trainings.

We are waiting for all our students and academicians who meet the appropriate conditions for the competition, whose application deadline is 04.12.2022.

Contest Topics

  • Smart Transport
  • Advanced Manufacturing, Industry 4.0
  • Energy and Clean Technologies
  • ICT and Digitalization
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Food and Sustainable Agriculture

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