International Scientific Events

Conference Invitation

"Science and Education" Foundation and its partners kindly invite you to take part in the scientific events that we are holding in Elenite Holiday Village, Bulgaria during 2016.

Conferences in June 2016

The 4th International Conference "Agriculture and Food", which will be held on 6-10 June

The 25th International Conference "Ecology and Safety", which will be held on 9-13 June

The 18th International Conference "Materials, Methods and Technologies", which will be held on 12-16 June

Conferences in September 2016

The 15th International Conference "Economy and Business", which will be held on 1-5 September

The 7th International Conference "Education, Research and Development", which will be held on 4-8 September

The 10th International Conference "Language, Individual and Society", which will be held on 7-11 September

For more information and registration, please visit:

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Russian: International Scientific Events

Bulgarian: International Scientific Events